Jamestown was founded in the 17th century and is one of the oldest districts of the city of Accra, Ghana.

In this immense space bordering the sea, a vast community of fishermen live and work, fishing being their main source of survival.

The place, built from a cluster of hundreds of informal slum-like homes, is another microcosm of life where one is only able to enter with the right people. Jamestown is in the process of being reconverted, and local authorities have begun to move housing to other places, generating some tension and dissatisfaction.

The selected images focus on the activity of these fishermen during the low season, an important pause in time to take care of the necessary tools for work.


Magazine in closed format of 40 x 28,5 cm, 40 pages of 160 gr (4 cover of 270 gr), offset printed with finishing stitched to the short stitch line. The magazine will be packed and sealed.


Limited edition of 300.


Macau / HK: 180 HKD + Shipping cost
Rest of the World: 20 EUR + Shipping cost


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