I used to arrive in Accra from the north, but on my last visit to the city before the pandemic I chose a different layover and the plane came from the south. Sitting on the right-hand side of the enormous Airbus I looked at the coast. At one point, I noticed a huge ship run aground in a large, deserted bay, far from the city, which fascinated me.

I couldn’t help it! I found an experienced guide who managed to find the place. The journey took three hours, via a road with indescribable traffic and, afterwards, a little longer on dubious roads and tracks. The surrounding villages were small with a dwindling population. There were no swimmers at the beach. Another couple were passing through on their way to some other destination.

I met a friendly youth, who was attending secondary school but lived in a nearby village, where he helped his parents in a small shop. We stopped there, lost, looking for the ship. He knew where it was and offered to accompany us the rest of the way. He was a brilliant conversationalist. I regret not being able to remember his name. But I remember his person, the colours, because it corresponds to the reality not interpreted by my eyes. In fact, this issue of the zine includes several colour flashes, something not seen before in this project, which are the expression of this transported reality, without intermediations.

He told me several stories, prophecies involving ghosts and angels, which gave this issue of Zine Photo its theme. The first story of this issue, which I captured on video, is his.

And the ship was there, majestic, standing up to time, just as I had imagined it when I first glimpsed it from the heavens. A noble vessel still, witness to many voyages and who knows how many sightings of ghosts or angels recounted to us by this Zine Photo!

— x –

This twelfth issue of Zine Photo will be the last. A project with twelve chapters that each make up part of a whole. The whole is a book of short stories in black and white, independent of one another, each of which can be read individually. Each of them is a whole. Together they form a larger, unique whole.

Zine Photo was a temporary editorial project, which is now coming to an end. It will surely give rise to other projects, since these will always be possible as long as the gaze has the capacity to see beyond the obvious.

João Miguel Barros


Magazine in closed format of 40 x 28,5 cm, 40 pages of 160 gr (4 cover of 270 gr), offset printed with finishing stitched to the short stitch line. The magazine will be packed and sealed.


Limited edition of 300.


Macau / HK: 180 HKD + Shipping cost
Rest of the World: 20 EUR + Shipping cost

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