Until recently, a friend of mine had a small plane. He had it for many years. He treated the plane as if it were a person, with all his care and kindness. He even gave it a person’s name: Pipeta Saratoga. A strange name to be sure, but names are given to people, and sometimes to planes, in the hope that they become unique in their identity and behaviour.

Planes transport people and their dreams, but also their fears. Especially of those who are afraid of flying in aircraft that never managed to grow to the size of spaceships.

While it is true that aeroplanes have a human hand at their helm, almost always secure and accurate, and that their metal bodies are decked with sophisticated technology, they also carry the fates of those travelling within.

However reliable and well cared for the Saratoga was, for me, it was always the small plane that relied on a single engine roaring indelicately at its nose.

My friend took me to the airfield a few times. I never admitted it to him, but I didn’t always feel very comfortable. “Planes that have lost their engines can still glide”, he would offer as a consolation. “The Saratoga has never let me down”, he would add, “and I’m sure it won’t today!” And indeed, it didn’t.

In fact, it never did let him down, until the very end. Until the Saratoga changed its life. And owner. Of my friend, a lifetime of gratitude remains.  Together with these and a few other images, showing that small pieces of time can serve to tell a timeless story.

João Miguel Barros


Magazine in closed format of 40 x 28,5 cm, 40 pages of 160 gr (4 cover of 270 gr), offset printed with finishing stitched to the short stitch line. The magazine will be packed and sealed.


Limited edition of 300.


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Rest of the World: 20 EUR + Shipping cost

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