The Wisdom Preparatory Academy is located in Adedenkpo, in the old city of Accra, Ghana. The contiguous courtyard, surrounded by houses and informal dwellings, is the place where some families live and raise their young children.

At the end of every day of the week, the courtyard is used by a group of young boxers who train hard under the supervision of Ghana’s national boxing coach.

The project of this ZINE PHOTO #03 became independent from a larger work concerning the boxer Emmanuel Danso, one of the members of the group. The images shown here reveal a rich microcosm where we can see the childrens’ games, regular spectators and committed boxers who aspire to recognition and notoriety.


Magazine in closed format of 40 x 28,5 cm, 40 pages of 160 gr (4 cover of 270 gr), offset printed with finishing stitched to the short stitch line. The magazine will be packed and sealed.


Limited edition of 300.


Macau / HK: 180 HKD + Shipping cost
Rest of the World: 20 EUR + Shipping cost

Signed limited edition prints

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