Unlike previous issues, this Zine Photo #10 includes three condensed stories that could be developed with another breath, and which appear here arranged in three short autonomous chapters.

The first focuses on faith, mixing symbology gathered in Catholic and Taoist places of worship. Whatever one’s professed beliefs, it is in faith that human beings seek to anticipate the direction of the wind that blows.

The second shows some images of a small family factory, a traditional tannery, and the machinery used in the process of transforming sheepskins and fox furs. Certain traditional crafts have been lost in the whirlwind of civilisation and in the confrontation with environmental standards.

Finally, the last chapter records moment zero of the gradual process of reconversion of Monte Vale de Luzelos, in Portugal, once abandoned by its population, who moved away from the countryside to seek the challenge of urban life. The return to the land, its recovery, is another way of anticipating the blowing of the wind.

João Miguel Barros


Magazine in closed format of 40 x 28,5 cm, 40 pages of 160 gr (4 cover of 270 gr), offset printed with finishing stitched to the short stitch line. The magazine will be packed and sealed.


Limited edition of 300.


Macau / HK: 180 HKD + Shipping cost
Rest of the World: 20 EUR + Shipping cost